Symposium: Anthony Downey in conversation with Edmund Clarke, IKON Gallery, Birmingham, February 12, 2018.



This one-day symposium is a collaboration between Ikon, HMP Grendon and Birmingham City University (BCU). It responds to Edmund Clark’s exhibition, In Place of Hate, presented in partnership with Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust, on show at Ikon until 11 March 2018.

Bringing together artists, therapists, critics and criminologists, the symposium will consider how prisoners and the criminal justice system are perceived by the public, politicians and media and the potential for artists to influence these perceptions. Presentations and discussion will address the following: the representation of prison(ers) in the media and discourse about criminal justice; the representation of prison(ers) in art and cinema; the role of art and creative therapies in prison and rehabilitation.

Anthony Downey will be in conversation with Edmund Clarke at 16:00 on the 11 March. For further details, see here.