2023/02/02 Talk: (with Alaa Mansour and Lesia Kulchynska): How an Image Matters, Transmediale (Berlin)

transmediale 2023, How an Image Matters, Panel, CCBYNCSA Silke Briel

Images matter. Made up of imaging technologies and algorithmic processes, their optics and operative logics of capture silently scale between shopping habits, domestic robots, CCTV, drone surveillance, or guided munitions. Aided by AI technologies, images can reorganise what we know, they can propagate what is seen and unseen, and they can cause irreparable harm.

Exploring how images are mobilised to exploit feedback and create realities, Anthony Downey, Alaa Mansour, and Lesia Kulchynska trace their entanglement within broader infrastructures of data capture and analysis. Thinking through their algorithmic apparatus, their fracturing of light and logistical operations, How an image matters questions the calculated representations and distributed agency of automated operations.

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